Friday, March 02, 2007

In Doubt !!

I was surfing the web today browsing through various other blogs etc when I stumbled upon a link on further browsing I came upon these particular pages ( & . The author has emphasized the importance of Lariwar saroops of Siri Guru Granth Sahib ji. The author further states about the use of Pad-chhed bir sahibs as manmat and various earlier resolution passed by SGPC etc terming pad chhed bir as inappropriate. I am a bit confused about this issue cos the saroop of Siri Guru Granth Sahib Ji that we have at our home is in Pad Chhed form. Most of the saroop that I have seen be in some of the Gurudwaras or at homes of some of our relatives are of Pad Chhed form. I am confused about the whole issue cos I haven't heard of this controversy till today hope I am able to learn more about it……………..


  1. Wahe Guru Ji ka Khalsa
    Wahe Guru Ji ki Fateh!

    This is what is generally known as a 'tempest in a teapot.' And people love to get huffy-puffy and indignantly self-righteous about such things. The Siri Guru Granth Sahib exists ethericaly. It is a sound current. Yes, the sound current is a continuous flow - it never ends. It loops over and over. The actual printing (or handwriting for that matter) is only there so we can produce the sound current. It's power is neither diminished nor destroyed by the manner in which it is printed. This is just another ephemeral soapbox upon which another so-called authority stands and declaims THE TRUTH. Let us see with our inner eye and hear with our inner ear. Our Guru exists beyond time and space. His physical form needs only to represent the divine naad of His amrit Gurbani.

    Let us not divide ourselves over these matters. There is nothing that is right or wrong except that thinking makes it so. It is all God. Let us swim together in that pool of nectar which is beyond words to express and embrace each other in love and service and not lose ourselves in arguing about how many angels can sit on the head of a pin.

    In the Name of the Guru, the Light of every Sikh and the Holy Naam which holds the world unto Infinity.

    All love in Divine, .....G

  2. Anonymous5:05 am

    I think G, you miss the point. The words in Guru Granth Sahib were given to us undivided. There are hundreds of examples of words that can be divided in different places. If you divide the words with pad-chhed and one bir has it one way and the other in a different, one is clearly wrong. How can our Guru be wrong?

    It boils down to the fact that we cannot be tampering with the form of Guru that was given to us by Guru Gobind Singh.