Thursday, February 15, 2007

1st Ten days of 40 day Sadhana pledge with Gurumustuk Singh Khalsa

The journey of my soul that started around 8 months back got another push when Gurumustuk Singh started the 40 day Sadhana Pledge. I consider it as God send opportunity to join the Sadhana to attain the next step on the journey of my soul to the life of a Sikh and a Khalsa. I knew the Sadhana is going to be a challenge for me cos I have been trying for sometime now to get into a habit of waking up early (Amrit wele) meditating and doing the daily baanis. But was not able to continue for more than a few days as sometime or other I would be up late going out with family, watching movies till late at night, parties or stuff. The reasons were endless. I would start with great energy in the beginning but soon the late nights would start to take a toll on the energy levels and after a week a so I would end up breaking the routine.

This time around I know that I have to make it through and I hope Sri Guru Ram Das Ji would be kind enough to bless me this time in this effort. It has been challenge continuing the Sadhana because for the last ten days or so have been really busy. I had my Uncle and Aunt visiting us from US this month so I have been operating on an average of 5 Hrs of sleep in a day. The first five days of the Sadhana have been comparatively easy as I with comparatively high energy level at the beginning. For the last five days I have been struggling a lot because I had to take my guests for their sightseeing & Shopping during the day. Then we had to attend a couple of dinner hosted for them by various relatives so I ended up sleeping late at nights but thanks to the grace of Sri Guru Ram Das Ji I am still able to continue on my quest.

I have been trying to set up this blog during the same period but my initial posts have got delayed because I have been busy all the time with work, taking care of my guests and some other personal work. I hope will be able to update on the Sadhana progress on a more regular basis from now on.

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