Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Day 19 of 40 Day Sadhana (Lethargy Creeps in)

Lack of sleep is taking its toll and lethargy is creeping in. Its getting difficult to get up but what’s more disturbing is not being able to concentrate. I had a lot of trouble today in doing my meditation and baanis. I tried the breathing exercise as shown in one of Guruka Singh’s videos. I felt so sleepy yet my mind kept wandering in all directions. I think I am going to take off early from work today and try catching up on sleep a little. As I am traveling out of the city for the wedding of my best friend in Punjab I need to rest before hand as its going to be tiring attending all the functions etc. I hope with Siri Guru Ram Das Ji’s grace I would be able to face this challenge too. I hope to visit Nanaksar Kaleran, Jagraon. It is the Karam Bhoomi of Baba Nand Singh Ji. He is one of the revered Saints of Sikh Dharma. Visiting Nanaksar is also a very soothing and inspiring experience. Babaji used to ask everyone who visited him, what was his Nitnem? He used to inspire people to take Amrit and make a habit of doing Baanis and Naam Jap. He himself used to meditate a lot. I would post about my trip and about Baba Nand Singh Ji when I return.

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  1. Keep up! Your great! It's admirable to commit to this 40 day sadhana you have started. I commend you it.