Sunday, February 18, 2007

Day 15-16 of 40 day Sadhana

It’s been a fortnight since I began my 40 days Sadhana with 30 other souls. With the grace of Almighty Waheguru and Sri Guru Ram Das Ji I have been to the task until now. I caught cold on Friday and it got worse on Saturday with me doing nothing for the most part of the day. I had a running nose all day, with continued sneezing and head ache. So I had to take the medication in the afternoon which I wanted to avoid since it makes me drowsy and sleepy. I had to repeat the medication in the night before I slept. I was praying to Waheguru to take care of me so that I would wake up on time as I did not wanted to miss out on Sadhana because of the effect of the medicines. I got up at the sound of the alarm and felt that even though the signs of cold were still there but I was feeling fresher than I usually did. There were no signs of the effect of the medicine that I usually feel. I thanked almighty for being there to help me in my task. This made me feel that that almighty father is closer than we think or feel and works in so many mysterious ways we can’t even think about. “ Mera Baid Guru Govinda || Har Har Naam Aukhad Mukhh Deivey Kaate Jam ki Fandhaa ||” (Sorath Mehal Fifth)

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